hot summer of urban farming

8 visual artists in the city and on the web
2.- 26. September 2006, Outer Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Over the summer, 8 artists from Denmark and abroad have made temporary works, gardens and plantations in outer Nørrebro. The projects serve as starting points for exploring  informal and temporary uses of spaces that are undetermined.

dandelion town

The artists have been dealing with issues of inclusion and exclusion, the use of public space, the origin and history of plant life and the relation between the city and its surrounding. For each project a poster is made expanding on the project or dealing with more Utopian aspects.

Among the projects that can be seen are:
An Oxygen Greenhouse in a traffic hot spot. A free area transformed into a parterre with a royal monogram. A Town of Dandelions. A potato garden with stories of the plants origin and uses. A project about what could be grown if the undecided areas were to be used for urban farming. An ongoing process about the largest open space in Nørrebro and stories harvested from a bench. Nance Klehm from Chicago will forage crops from the city and serve meals from a mobile kitchen.

Hot summer wants to expand on the social and cultural issues around gardening and farming in the city and suggest a closer connection between agriculture and the city.

On a metaphorical level the project implies that public spaces are something that has to be continuously activated and changed in order to serve as sites for debate, exchange and everyday life.

Hot Summer of Urban Farming
is curated and organized by visual artist Nis Rømer in the context of - a newly established organization for art in public spaces and media

Artist/ place

Marie Markman, Nordre Fasanvej 176
Hartmut Stockter, Folmer Bendtsens Plads
Camilla Berner, Tikøbsgade 5-7
Åsa Sonjasdotter, by Rantzausgade 53
Jonas Maria Schul, Uffesgade 1-7
YNKB, Borgmestervangen
Gillion Grantsaan, Mimers Plads
Nance Klehm, Nørrebroparken and mobile

Supported by:

The Danish Arts Council's Committee for Visual Arts
The Culture Fund for Nørrebro Park
The Danish Outdoor Council (Tips- og lottomidler til friluftslivet)
The Visual Arts Board of the Municipality of Copenhagen


Design by Pulsk Ravn
Programming by Juan Ospina
Site organization and content Nis Rømer and the participants