Projects, artists and Groups

Edible Estates proposes the replacement of the American lawn with a highly productive domestic edible landscape

3 Acres on the Lake a public art and publication project initiated by Laurie Palmer

Gun Gardens is a network of garden and documentation of events made by Lena Ignestam and Christel Lundberg

Kultivator  is an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice

Fallen Fruit is a mapping and manifesto for all the free fruit we can find. Every day there is food somewhere going to waste

Fruit is a project about the relation between food and the city by Free Soil

Bonnie Sherk was the founder of Crossroads Community (The Farm) in San Francisco, 1974-1980

Learning Group deals with local conditions where they work with focus on sustainable solutions

Marjetica Potrc, artist and architect based in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Has made a series of works on urban sustainability

Agnes Denes, made "Wheatfield - A Confrontation" one of the pionering urban farming projects

Markman, Dyrehauge and Rømer has been making a public kitchen garden by the harbourfront in Copenhagen

Free Soil is an international artistgroup dealing with art and sustainability, the website is a ressource for learning and exchange

texts, blogs and books

Area Magazine, ed. Daniel Tucker
A great magazine issue 3 offers a Critical Look at Food Systems in Chicago

Belltown Paradise / Making Their Own Plans,A. Bromberg and B. Bloom
Explore the complex social constellations around urban land use issues. Available to read online, but get it if you can.

Ecovention current art to transform ecologies, Sue Spaid
Free online publication about artistic strategies to physically transform a local ecology

The Fine Art of Gentrification, R. Deutsche and C. G. Ryan Art of Gentrification.pdf

From Biopower to Biopolitics, Maurizio Lazarato
Analytical essay based on Agamben and Focault

The Native In Us, the Earth We Belong To, M D Costa

Critical Spatial practice
A comprehensive blog about art, geography and space

Playing to the Senses: Food as a Performance Medium
On the tradition of meals in art an on blurring the line between art and life

Two Lines of Sight and An Unexpected Connection:
The Art of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison

Pockets of Disorder, Nils Norman
On adventure playgrounds, or junk playgrounds, starting from the legacy of Danish landscape architect C.T. Sørensen

Between the Diaspora and the Crinoline: An Interview with Bonnie Sherk


The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) specializes in identifying resources about sustainable food systems and practices in support of USDA's effort to ensure a sustainable future for agriculture and farmers worldwide.

Wikipedia general definition and information on Urban Farming

The science of gardening,
Informative and very well designed website on farming and gardening


Urban Agriculture Notes by City Farmer - Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture

Green Museum - for environmental art

Arts & Ecology, seminars and publications by RSA

Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security